Born and raised in the cheap part of northern Zealand, I moved to Nærum just north of Copenhagen as soon as I got tired of commuting to DTU. It took me an inordinate amount of time to graduate - mainly due to my intense involvement in the local student organisation.

After graduating, the plans for a ph.d. were thwarted by cutbacks on environmental research and I ended up at the National Library for Science and Medicine as a subject specialist for chemistry staying there through a couple of mergers with other libraries. Currently that means I ended up in Copenhagen University Library, a part of the Danish Royal Library. I have held a number of positions, including at the staff of the university librarian, managing the pharmaceutical library and currently coordinating the activities in the library Datalab.

I live in Rødovre, Denmark, with my husband Kristian, who works in IT.

In my spare time I love tinkering with digital electronics and LEGO, experimenting with molecular gastronomy and trying to hit a piece of cardboard with a Walther GSP cal. .22.